September 12, 2010

Sophia pierced her ears

Sophia has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while. She was going to do it last weekend but decided to wait. I wanted the decision to be hers so we left and she told me that this Saturday she wanted to do it. So with dad at an all day disc tournament (which he won 1st place at) I loaded up the boys and Sophia and we went to the South Town mall in Sandy. I locked the boys up in the double stroller and we headed straight to Claire's. She was nervous and cried when it happened but stopped right afterwards. The boys and her got a sucker when it was all over. I gave Jack my camera to document the occasion. He loves to take pictures and it keeps him occupied. Afterwards I took them to ride the train that runs through the lower level of the mall. It's great because it makes a complete circle around the mall so you go past all the stores and people have to move out of the way. Jonah waved to everyone like he was a celebrity. After the train ride they played at the Dino play area and then we topped the day off with some frozen yogurt. I'm always so terrified to go and do anything in public with the boys but it turned out to be a great outing.



Gwen said...

Pretty brave of you Sophia (and Melissa). I hope you can resist the urge to touch or change earrings for a long time! Can't wait to see how you look in person.

Awesome photography Jack!! You did a great job!

Jonah, I want to ride that train too!

Melissa, I love when you update!!!

Danny and Michelle Zamora Family said...

So proud of you Sophia. Keira has done very well with hers and we haven't had any infections. Maybe next time we are all together we will have to go shopping for earrings for our girls.

sladefamilyaz said...

Awww! Sophia looks beautiful!